Are you part of a cultural initiative? Do you work in a cultural center? Are you in a cultural association? Then bring your audience and guests into the campaign!

You have many ways to reach people:

  • Make your audience aware of the campaign at every event!
  • Place signature lists in your venue and send the completed lists to the KUPF!
  • Project the logo, the graphics or the URL of the campaign at your events!
  • Put up posters of the campaign in your venue!
  • Organize a local discussion event with cultural politicians, cultural activists, and artists of your region!
  • Share the content and demands of the campaign #kulturlandretten on all your social media channels!
  • Produce content and post it under #kulturlandretten!
  • Conduct personal conversations and convince your fellow human beings to sign the petition!
  • Print the flyer “Kulturland retten” on the backsite of your own flyer!
  • Do you want to print posters at home? Here you can find everything you need: A3-posters or A1-posters.


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