What we want from the Federal Province of Upper Austria

Our Demands

Save Local Providers!

Regional cultural initiatives and the “independent scene” provide local culture and stimulate innovation. Since 2001, however, funding from the provincial government for these initiatives has actually decreased by 40%. Many local cultural initiatives are financially endangered.

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Preserve Cultural Centers!

Where regional and independent cultural activities prepare the terrain, larger facilities with trans-regional influence and special quality ambitions will also develop. In keeping with a broad cultural landscape, these cultural centers are also to be preserved.

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Strengthen the Budget!

The cultural budget is an investment in the quality and future viability of our community. In the long term, the cultural budget of Upper Austria has to grow to 5% of the expenditures of the province. At least 15% of the culture budget must be available as a “discretionary” budget for current cultural policy developments and projects.

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Implement the Guiding Principles for Culture!

The Guiding Principles for Culture of the state of Upper Austria were unanimously decided on in the state parliament. However, many measures have not yet been implemented, particularly with regard to independent initiatives, regional cultural centers, promotion of women and independent media.

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The problem in numbers

- 66 %
actual loss of public funding from the Federal Province of Upper Austria for contemporary culture from 2001-2018
30 %
of public funding got cut in 2018
less funding for contemporary art and culture
37 %
of the artists are already at risk of poverty

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